What materials am I working with?

I paint my designer wall finishes in luxury style using decorative plasters and paints developed for this purpose by professional Italian manufacturers. All materials used are environmentally friendly, consisting of natural plasters made from lime and marble. The paints and varnishes are water-based and free from harmful substances. The plastered walls are breathable and have a positive impact on the room’s climate.

How does the ordering and design process work?

Facebook, Instagram: There are multiple ways for those interested in my work to get in touch. I am present on several social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram) where they can leave a message.

However, the best option is if they fill out the Request a Quote form on my website. After answering the questions there, I will contact the interested party.

Further communication will be done via email, where I will request instructions regarding the ideas – such as photos from the internet, envisioned colors, photos of the current state of the apartment – anything that can provide inspiration.

Regarding the Quote

If we manage to find common ground through conversation, correspondence, and coordination, we will refine the Quote accordingly.

Important information for the Quote and cost calculation:

-where the work will take place, -when you would like it to be completed,

-the exact measurements of the wall, photos of the current state of the wall,

-the style of the wall, the products used for decorative painting.

Based on the influencing factors, I will finally give you an exact price quote

I will provide the exact Quote in writing. My personalized offer will include both the labor cost and the material cost.

The process of decorative wall painting usually consists of the following steps:

Creating an average-sized and complex wall usually takes 2-3 full working days. I cover the surrounding walls, ceiling, flooring, and other furnishings with foil, and tape off the adjacent wall areas. I need at least 2 meters of free space in front of the wall to be painted. I take care to minimize dust and dirt. The client takes over the fully finished and dried wall, and is responsible for cleaning the area around the wall.

I will need heating, water, electricity, and scaffolding (if the height requires it) in the room.

Further treatment of decorative walls.

Thanks to specially developed plasters and paints, decorative walls are extremely durable, resistant to mechanical impact, and resistant to dirt. Of course, they can be repainted at any time. Cleaning them is simple, they can be washed with detergent.


You can also email details, dimensions and a video of the room to be painted to timiwallart@gmail.com.

I will provide the exact Quote in writing. My personalized offer will include both the labor cost and the material cost.