„There are painters who turn the sun into a yellow spot, and there are others who turn a yellow spot into the sun.”
Pablo Picasso

The joy of creation - where I started from."

Perhaps I was born with a paintbrush in my hand, because throughout my entire life I have been drawn to colors, their harmony, playfulness, and all kinds of creative activities related to them. I already found the joy of creation when I was teaching children how to draw for many years as an educator (teacher). Thirty years ago, I painted my first wall decoration using tempera paint with fairy tale characters on children’s bedroom walls. To this day, the painting of the entire wall with the story of “The Ugly Duckling” in my daughters’ room remains a beautiful memory. More than three decades ago, I also discovered the joy of creative furniture painting, which I still enjoy doing to this day.

My past as an interior designer has a significant impact on my current work.

As an interior designer, I started working with architecture in Hungary among the pioneers over two decades ago. Following my studies, I was fortunate enough to design the interior of numerous apartments, restaurants, and guesthouses. The atmosphere of colors, shapes, and realized dreams from those projects still accompany me in my current work. The ideas, experience, and knowledge that I gained over the years can now be applied as a decorative wall painter. However, my connection to painting remained on a hobby level for many years. With a lot of studying, obtaining a second degree at the University of Pécs, and a tremendous amount of work, I had less time for art than I would have liked. I worked as an adult educator, trainer, and curriculum developer, teaching business communication. In 2019, my family and I moved from Budapest to Austria. We currently live here, and I have been painting and creating a lot again, both in Hungary and Upper Austria. While creating paintings, I searched for new techniques and materials for my painting and furniture painting. I was looking for something that would offer endless possibilities in my hands. This is how I discovered decorative wall painting a few years ago. I immediately knew that this was my world. It was a continuation of my painting work, which was still on a hobby level at that time, but which I had been developing and continuing for many years

The first task of art is to beautify life.

As a wall designer, I am able to utilize all of my competencies: painting, interior design, furniture painting, and last but not least, my more than 20 years of experience as an educator and trainer, which has given me a deep understanding of people and communication skills.

For me, the creative work that comes with painting is the best form of self expression. It’s an opportunity to evoke emotions and showcase the diversity of the world, and to help people realize and express their desires.

I am happy to give advice and help turn every home into a true dream home.